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Mike Lenz

An Engaging, Truthful, Intelligent voice…
like a cool college professor.

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Mike Lenz Voice brings your book to life. With a passion for storytelling and over 260 narrated titles, Mike possesses the skill and versatility to engage listeners across various genres. From fiction to true crime, business to children’s literature, Mike’s honest and intelligent voice captivates and inspires.


The Narrator

With a true passion for storytelling and a portfolio of over 260 narrated titles, Mike Lenz offers confident, engaging, and trustworthy voices that will elevate your content. Whether you need a voice for fiction, true crime, business, entertainment, history or children’s literature, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of storytelling as Mike’s talent and versatility shine across a multitude of genres. With his intelligent and authentic voice, Mike leaves a profound and lasting impact that resonates with audiences. Connect with us today and let’s breathe life into your next project together!

What Clients Are Saying


I did a podcast this morning. The person downloaded the audio version of Accountable Leaders. She began by asking, “who did you get to read your audiobook? It was amazing! The best I’ve ever heard and I listen to a lot of them.” Thank for doing a great job. Appreciate your support of my work.

– Vince Molinaro, Author Accountable Leaders

Mike’s voice aligned exactly with what I had hoped to put out there: passion and excitement in the reading, and clarity of my message. I could not be happier!

– Greg Sausaman, Author Inside The Box

Mike’s intelligence and friendly sound plus his ability to fluidly move from character to character caught my ear and that of my selection team.

– Kevin McCarthy, Author Chief Leadership Officer

Mike Lenz did a fantastic job with his narration. I loved his smooth voice. The story did not need much dramatization and I felt like Mike was perfect as his rhythm and pace were intriguing enough to keep the listener engaged, without taking away from the natural drama that takes place in the story.

– Audible Review, ‘The Horrors of Fox Hollow Farm’

I loved getting whisked away to New York City old and new in this book. The story is compelling and engaging – I was excited every time I had a free minute to press play. The narrator’s smooth voice told the story perfectly. Such a nice escape in these crazy times!

– Audible Review, ‘Escaping Dreamland’