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Commercials | eLearning | Audiobook Narration | Podcast Production

Voiceover Services

Commercial Voiceover

Mike’s commercial voiceover service delivers the confident, engaging, and trustworthy voice your ad needs. He brings your brand to life, ensuring your message is clear, captivating and memorable.

Audiobook Narration

With over 260 titles narrated, Mike Lenz brings both fiction and non-fiction stories to life with his versatile voice, drawing listeners into immersive literary experiences.

E-Learning Narration

Mike Lenz specializes in making complex concepts clear and memorable, enhancing educational content with his engaging narration that ensures learners retain information effectively.

IVR and On-Hold Messages

As the automated voice representing your business, Mike delivers a professional and welcoming tone for IVR systems and on-hold messages, providing a seamless and positive customer experience.

Podcast Production

Mike offers comprehensive podcast production services, leveraging his expertise as a professional voice actor and podcast host to create engaging and high-quality audio content for various topics and audiences.

Explainer Video Narration

From corporate presentations to product demos, Mike Lenz provides clear and concise narration for explainer videos, helping businesses communicate their messages effectively and engagingly.

Mike Lenz Voiceover - Portrait

A confident, engaging, and trustworthy voice for your next project!

Hi, I’m Mike Lenz Voice, your trusted professional for all your voiceover needs. With over 16 years of experience, I have built a strong reputation for delivering confident, natural, and engaging voiceovers that truly captivate audiences. Top companies, including Hershey, Xerox, Dell, Microsoft, and more, have relied on my services for commercials, eLearning projects, audiobooks, podcasts, corporate videos, and much more. I operate from my private pro recording studio, ensuring a quick turnaround time of 24 hours or less when you have an unavoidable rush. In addition, my studio is equipped with Source Connect, making session connections seamless and efficient. As a Voice Arts Award nominated podcast producer and host, I can also guide you through every step of podcast creation and launch. Let’s connect and discuss how we can bring your next project to life. Contact me via LinkedIn or email at mlenzvoice@gmail.com. Together, we can achieve amazing results.

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Margy Bauman

“Michael Lenz has produced and narrated several audiobooks for us, all on difficult subjects, all excellently done. He is a professional who is a pleasure to work with.

Margy Bauman
University Press Audiobooks

Mark Welcome

Mike has narrated a wide variety of e-learning projects for us over the years. He offers us a combination of a great voice, professionalism, and reliability that makes our jobs easier. We always look forward to working with him.

Mark Welcome
Interactive Solutions

Richard Kline

Michael Lenz is our go to voice over guy. His clear voice easily speaks through the most technical copy, and that makes my job easy. I use Michael because he is very very good at what he does, saves me time, and has a wide range of dialects.

Richard Kline
Shannon-Rose Design

David Bourgeois

In a field where far too few voice actors understand the true value in combining professional skill, reliability, and personality, Mike is always exceptional. Quite simply, Mike makes my job easy!

David Bourgeois
Producer, Discovery, HGTV

Thomas Mercer

Mike Lenz is a pleasure to work with! He is a pro, taking direction well and always striving to give his client what they need. I have used Mike’s clear and pleasant voice in film narration and for character voices in my work as an independent film maker.

Thomas Mercer
Producer, Talon Films, Inc.